Our Services

Our core strengths are in research, data analysis, visualization, knowledge management and software design, which we offer as client services on a consulting basis. We also provide direct data management support during crisis situations. We work with you to understand the scope of your project and problem space, and tailor a proposal to your specific needs. We take pride in developing the necessary expertise in your domain in order to provide you with the most relevant and appropriate solutions: exactly what you need, and only what you need, delivered in a timely fashion.

Our services in more detail:

Research and Analysis

Every member of our team has extensive experience researching complex topics. Years of diligent work in both academic and professional settings have made us experts in focusing on important topics and de-prioritizing ancillary issues.

Our extensive experience performing analysis on complex issues allows us to provide you with direct analytic input. We perform research so that we can make direct project recommendations to you. We will tell you in clear terms how we judge each unique situation and we strive to locate and clarify opportunity spaces. We also clearly identify potential weaknesses and suggest methods for overcoming them.

Gathering blood pressure data in China

Gathering blood pressure data in China

Data Analysis and Visualization

You know those people that love organizing a tangled mess of data? Yeah, we’re those people! We find it fun to stretch our brains with data management, organization and analysis. There is so much data in the world these days; everything seems to churn out data faster than we are able to process it.

We will help you find the proverbial needle in the data haystack by organizing your data, locating relevant patterns, performing statistical analysis and producing clear results. We use focused data visualization techniques to put information in context and help convey to you important concepts that are unclear when viewing the data in a table alone.

We tend to use R when given the choice but are comfortable with other statistical analysis packages. We even write our own tools and draw on successful open source data analysis and visualization packages to implement custom solutions.

Knowledge Management

Incoming data can be a bear to handle. If you find yourself struggling to keep mission-critical information organized, we will work with you to design and implement a custom knowledge management system. We work with clients to understand their information management needs and then we draw up design concepts and iteratively develop custom web-based systems. We have, in the past, created both simple systems and complex dynamic applications with both desktop and phone-based interfaces.

The design process works best when we allow you regular glimpses into the work that we’re doing so that we can gather your feedback and focus our systems to your needs. When the work is complete, we will work with you to get the system up and running either at your location or on an offsite server. We can remotely support the systems at a reasonable rate and work with you to develop future versions with additional functionality.

View from a Custom Software Application

View from a Custom Software Application

Software Design

Three of our core team members have extensive experience designing software. Their work in the fields of computer game development, database design and medical data visualization gives them a flexible approach to complex problems. We like to invent new ways to solve complex problems and several of our team members in the past have filed software patents, bringing additional value to clients.

Most business intelligence software is data driven. We have years of experience working with complex data and developing models that drive software applications. If your business requires a relational data approach, we understand how to design and build both the back end and the user interface portions of the software. If you are interested in exploring NoSQL solutions, we will work with you to bring the appropriate technology to the project.

Prototyping is an important part of software design and we encourage our clients to explore concepts by rapidly iterating through both static and dynamic prototypes. This process enables us to understand whether our design concepts hit the mark prior to spending undue time implementing them.

Good software can be self-explanatory but complicated systems usually require documentation. Humans need to be able to read that documentation and we understand that! We will provide you with clear, well-designed training resources that help you and your team learn to use your new system.

Emergency / Crisis Response Data Management

It is vital to consider data management as one of the very first steps in appropriate crisis management. We have years of experience responding to complex emergency situations and providing rapid, custom, on-the-ground data management solutions that help you remain organized so that you can focus on rescue and recovery missions.

If your group works in emergency situations and needs data management support on the ground, we can join you and we can help you. One of our founders earned a Masters of Science degree from Harvard in International Health, with a focus on complex emergency response and is affiliated with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. He played an active role in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 Haitian Earthquake. We understand how to act on the ground, how to remain secure, how to maintain humanitarian standards, how to be effective and efficient in the chaos of a disaster and how to rapidly implement custom data management systems in this type of environment.

Members of the USPHS entering data into a system we built during Katrina response

Members of the USPHS entering data into a system we built during Katrina response

We have helped groups prepare for emergency response situations in the past by designing field simulations of disasters. Our background and training in humanitarian emergency situations makes us the perfect partner for helping your group plan and practice your response. The Perihelion Group can work with you to design a custom simulation for your group and help your organization plan for emergency situations.

Emergency Simulation Participants at the HSI Annual Sim

Emergency Simulation Participants at the HSI Annual Sim

If you think that you would like to partner with The Perihelion Group during a crisis or emergency situation, please do not wait until the crisis happens or we may not be available: contact us now.

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